American Maritime Modernization Association

Established in 2002, the non-profit American  Maritime Modernization Association (AMMA) promotes the accomplishment of cost-effective, professional, and high quality shipboard maintenance and  modernization through the use of best value commercial sources. We advocate that, facilitated shipyards benefit from specialized maritime services companies  in both the advancement of work quality and efficiency. AMMA’s principal goal is to maximize  cooperation and communication between Forces Afloat, USN’s shipboard professionals and maritime modernization industry experts, thereby promoting  timely operational and economic benefits of technological advances in naval systems. Read more…

AMMA Annual Membership Luncheon and Election

May 26, 2016 11:00 a.m. Founder’s Inn

EVENT Registration LINK

GUEST SPEAKER: CAPT Scott Brown U.S. Navy Commander

Norfolk Naval Shipyard

AMMA Membership Application

AMMA Contacts / Leadership

Joseph Yurso, Chairman of the Board of Directors      (757) 490-5036

Ron Verostek, President      (757) 228-1730 ext 304

Sondra Mayfield, Secretary

Michelle Tomaszewski, Strategic Director      (757) 810-8607

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